Brotherhood — The Full Flannel Alchemist

Dear Diary,

I have found it! The thing I’ve needed in my life all along, “Full Metal Alchemist”. It’s an anime. Okay, I know you’re gonna say cartoons are for kids, but it’s more than just a cartoon, it’s a way of life! It’s about these, like, two guys who are brothers and stuff (like Alex and I), but they have powers and they make people out of nothing and then they use the law of equipment exchange to change arms into swords whenever they want. I want that power so bad! I would change my cat into a skateboard, then I would name her Skateball instead of “Snowball (her actual name). Oh the possibilities…

On a side note, Alex has been waaaay more into the series than I have. I’ve only seen the first series—he’s already seen the movie and is getting pretty heavy into the second series now. Even more, he has started drawing transmission circles just about everywhere! Don’t believe me!? Check out what he did to our grocery list…

Full Metal Alchemist Shopping List

Unforgivable! Even worse though, he’s been walking around the apartment calling himself the “Full Flannel Alchemist!”… and he keeps saying that “the art of Flannel Alchemy has been passed down the Bistrevsky line for generations!” I told you he’s been a lot more into it than I have! Usually I can imagine him going this far, but he’s even found a way to surprise me. I was clearing out my camera memory card and found 27 selfie’s that he took of himself wearing that stupid blue flannel shirt. Okay, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but do you want to see one of them?

Full Flannel Alchemist

I don’t know what’s more weird though, him having taken all of these photos, or me having to actually create a new folder called “Alex’s ‘Full Flannel Alchemist’ Selfie Collection

New folder full flannel alchemist

But lately, it’s been non-stop talk about some song that he wrote that he says carries a message from parallelogram universe or something like that. He says that he’s in some kind of trouble and that State Alchemists are definitely after him. I don’t want to be a downer or anything, so I just let him dream. It would be really cool though if he stopped doing those random password checks through the door whenever I try to enter the apartment. He always asks me questions that “only I would know the answer to”… Usually I don’t know the answer on the first try, like when he asked me what my favorite yogurt flavor was. How am I even supposed to keep track of that!? Everyone knows that yogurt is just melted ice cream in disguise. But he let’s me guess until I get the answer right, which is nice and all, but it can still get pretty frustrating. It’s cool that he’s having fun, but hopefully he doesn’t take it too far. If so I’ll be there to keep him level-headed.

But yeah, that’s about it! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I found a new body wash! It’s called ‘Old Spice’. I totally thought it would smell like moldy paprika, but it actually smells pretty good. I can’t wait to try it out, I’ll let you know what I think of it!

It’s been good catching up! Your #1 Pal,


Old Spice transmutation Alchemy Full Metal Alchemist

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