Into The Wild

Alex and a large dog in the mountains.

Dear Diary,

This was the best decision ever! Everything is so great up here! I’ve got the fresh mountain air, beautiful nature everywhere, and animal friends all around me. They come to me from the underground burrows to the treetops farther than the eyes can see. I feel my power growing stronger with every passing second. My reflexes are sharp and my fingernails are like tiny little claws, I’ve learned—useful for stripping away tiny pieces of bark to be munched on later. Today, I found my spirit animal, a pale Akbash by the name of Rex and a Guardian at heart. He’s helping me understand myself in ways I’ve never known. I guess you could say that I have it made here.

It didn’t come all at once though. I’ll admit, there were some challenges to be faced. Many of which, I guess, could have possibly stemmed from my extreme lack of preparation. I thought string cheese and Gatorade would be enough to hold me for a while, but it wasn’t long before I was hungry for more. Empty pocketed, I scoured the forest brushes for mushrooms and caught rain droplets with a small leaf I found sleeping on a rock.

Later, I faced a slight mishap involving a slippery dirt path, a stick, and my anus, regrettably. I’m proud to announce though that I have finally made a full recovery and that my anus is no longer in jeopardy. But it was there, collapsed along that dirt path down on my buttocks, that I discovered something that was as incredible as it was mysterious. A combination that was incredibly mysterious to me. A simple heap of stone and one which stood above the rest. No ordinary stone, mind you, but a stone of legends. My mind began to wander:

What ancient civilization had placed these stones? Why here? What did it all mean? Was it an omen of ill or a promise of good?  But most importantly: What ancient powers did it hold and did they somehow have plans for me?

Before I knew it, my feet, my arms–my whole body began to gravitate towards it. I simply couldn’t rip myself away from its strangely alluring aura. My hands, incapable of reason, began to reach out towards it. I wanted it all for myself.

It would be mine! My stone. My Ancient Power. My Destiny to fulfill!

Adventurer finds an Ancient rock wielding mysterious powers


Your Best friend, Alex!
XOX— “Oh, hey! I didn’t know there were other people up here!
Hey, you guys friends of the birds?” .  .  .



The remains after an ambush.

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