Power Quest

A permanent marker traces a hand drawn adventurer.

Dear Diary,

I noticed something truly spectacular today. It happened when I left my screen door slightly ajar to let in the cool breeze. A little bird flew onto the ledge of my balcony and began to sing beautifully to me. It was completely unaware of the cat staring hungrily a mere five feet away. The cat, however, did nothing. Instead of leaping towards it, the cat merely sat and listened. And for a brief moment, their eyes locked, but neither of them fought it. In fact, they embraced it—and remained in that moment—not in standoff, but completely in a place of peace.

This got me thinking. The cat could have easily pounced and the bird could have easily flown away, but instead they chose to stay where they were. Its as if their inner sources of power dictated that moment. Had I been the cat, I think I would have pounced, and had I been the bird, I think I would have flown away. What does that say about me? It tells me that I am weak and unready for the world and all of its obstacles, and therefore, must equip myself with the tools necessary to overcome life’s challenges and find my inner source of power. To achieve great power, one must endure great sacrifices.

I’m leaving, Diary. Off on an adventure. To sing the song of the bird and walk with the steps of the cat. What will I find on this adventure? I don’t quite know yet. But I know that on the chance that I do return, I will return a different man. I might perish, I might even lose myself, but one thing I’m absolutely certain of is that I will not fail.


Your best friend , Alex.

—P.S. Dmitrious doesn’t know about me leaving yet. I left him a note though. By the time he gets back I’ll already be gone. It just felt easier that way. I hope he understands…

One comment on “Power Quest

  1. It is always great to have a game plan for the world and be ready for all it has. Great metaphor and story 🙂

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